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Key services


In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have emerged as transformative technologies that are reshaping industries across the globe. The field of software development is no exception. AI is revolutionizing the way software is designed, developed, and maintained. We are at the forefront of this transformation, helping businesses navigate the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in software development.

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Did you know that a well-sync team can be several times more efficient than others? Our well-organised and experienced teams create software from scratch following the best practices, state-of-the-art technologies and goal-oriented mindset. We provide cloud, IoT, backend, frontend and mobile solutions for various industries. We ensure compliance with the standards, always the best quality, performance and security.

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Cloud migration

We perform on-prem systems migration to the cloud, taking into account the most reliable providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and others. We analyze changes in the software, design and create infrastructure, make all required adjustments, and provide full automation. Our experienced cloud engineers help you go through the migration process to accelerate the development of your business.

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Our certified experts perform full pen tests using modern tools and techniques that simulate hacker attacks. As a result, you get a vulnerability report. However, most of all, we specialize in removing them. We adapt the software to meet very stringent security requirements on many levels, such as API, data, infrastructure, architecture, libraries, OWASP, compliance with regulations, and others.

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Key competences

Artificial Intelligence


  • Python
  • Pytorch
  • TensorFlow


  • Java
  • Node.js

  • Python


  • AWS
  • Terraform

  • Kubernetes


  • Microservice
  • API

  • Serverless


  • No Operations
  • IaC

  • CI/CD
Security Engineer


  • Pentest
  • Audit

  • Concept


  • Angular
  • React.js

  • Vue.js


  • Figma
  • Adobe XD

  • InVision

Technologies & tools

As your proven technology partner in digital transformation we always use the most suitable, secure and efficient tools, to ensure the best performance.


  • Kafka
  • Kinesis
  • Outbox
  • CDC


  • RDS
  • NoSQL

  • Redis
  • Elastic

Techniques & platforms

A modern approach to software development is not only about writing code. It is also a constant orientation towards a business goal, maintaining security, automation, scalability, openness, efficiency and unlimited possibilities for further business development, without any restrictions or vendor-lock.

  • Private & Public Native Cloud
  • Automation first: DevOps & NoOps & SecOps
  • No manual tests: Shift-Left Testing
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Documentation as Code
  • Loose coupling: Microservices & Microfrontend
  • Big Data: Data lake, Redshift


Delegate software development ownership to a certified crew verified by external organizations.

CCSP certified

CCSP Certification

The (ISC) CCSP is the industry’s premier cloud security credential, proving expertise to secure any cloud environment. As more organizations adopt cloud-based systems, new complexities and challenges surface and the risks increase. Organizations need cloud security professionals with the requisite knowledge.

AWS Certified

Designing and building architecture and infrastructure in the cloud, migrating on-prem solutions to the cloud, using and mapping native services of cloud providers, incl. high-performance streaming, data security, data storage, and processing security, cost-effectivity, optimization, and many more cloud features.

Togaf Certified

Designing the Enterprise Architecture in accordance with the TOGAF 9, architecture development methods, building business architecture, designing information architecture, compliance with regulations and procedures, and modern tools for managing the development of modern architecture.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Prevention against system hacking, identifying vulnerabilities and assessment, penetration tests, protection against malware, intrusion prevention system, identifying evolving threats from different types of hackers, web application testing, audits, modern tools emulating hacking, infrastructure testing.

Agile PM Certified

Managing projects in Agile methodologies (SCRUM), iterative development, timeboxing, and prioritization, mechanisms for governance and control of an Agile project, estimations and measurement progress, risk management, assigning roles and responsibilities, building in quality.

PSPO Certified

Orientation on building the business value of the product and focus on goals, backlog management, decomposition of business requirements, timeboxing, prioritization of requirements, release planning, increasing efficiency, communication management, and cooperation with stakeholders.

PSM Certified

Implementation of Agile methodologies such as SCRUM in accordance with the scrum guide or AgilePM, sprint management, facilitation of development teams, identification and elimination of obstacles in the effective delivery of increments, modern estimation methods, timeboxing, SCUM events.

How we work


Master level in Cloud-based solutions and IoT

Software development may not be industry-specific, so we support plenty of them. Our solutions based on Cloud and IoT often meet the needs of many industries. However, we specialize in developing software for the manufacturing, automotive, financial, banking, and healthcare industries. By applying common standards, we meet the requirements of even the most demanding organisations.

Industry 4.0

IoT and cloud-based solutions. Support for processing big data with attention to performance and security in accordance with the IEC-62443 standard. Solutions based on RFID eTags, sensors, and others.

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Support for the automotive industry, solutions for communication with electric vehicle components, data processing, EV chargers, and intelligent charging in accordance with the OCPP standard.

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Financial services

Support for the development of many areas of banking, such as transaction systems, payment hubs, web and mobile applications. Data center tuning in terms of performance, security support, and much more.


Support for many other industries such as healthcare, public organizations, printing, aviation, smart city, tourism, and many more. We find solutions for every industry. It's all about business needs.

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Case studies

Cloud, IoT, eMobility

Goal orientation Quality, Time-to-market Backend & Frontend Cloud DevOps Agile development Mobile Consulting Experts Business concepts Experienced staff PoC and MVP Transparency Modern tools Documentation Live increments Success Architecture design Experience Trainings

Electric vehicles smart

New strategic solution allows electric vehicles Smart Charging

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Production floor efficiency optimization

New strategic solution significantly Improves Performance of the Production

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Printing services extension as SaaS in the subscription model

New strategic solution significantly improves the availability of services for new Customers

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Access control to restricted areas

New strategic solution significantly improves flexible access to the management of restricted zones.

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Hamilton Robotics


Cloud migration, Tests automation, DevOps implementation, Digital transformation. Designing development and test infrastructure for big amount of data sets. Research, development and analysis of new technologies, facilitating strategic enterprise decisions.

Juice Technology


Managing EV chargers, smart charging, remote charger configuration, managing and processing transactions, RFID cards, sophisticated security, communication with the devices, mobile app support, enrollment process, firmware rolling update, etc.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Printing Industry

Prinect Media Manager, cloud architecture designing and implementation, cloud migration, digital transformation, managing printing substrates, PPF sheets managing, managing printing colors, sophisticated UI, etc.

Smithfield Farmland

Digital transformation

Backend cloud-based module with a sophisticated security layer, mobile app for multiple different types of roles support, managing large sets of data, processing big-data, designing and implementing infrastructure


Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

We had been working with QRSOLVE for a two-year project and passed the responsibility for the technical implementation of a sophisticated UI, backend, DevOps automation, automated testing, infrastructure designing, migration to the cloud, etc. We highly appreciated to had QRSOLVE as partners for this project, always experiencing state-of-the-art technology knowhow, the best possible quality, a high level of self-initiative and very good communication with the project team. Next to a successful closing of the project, the input QRSOLVE spent e.g. regarding test approach inspired us even beyond the end of the project.

Matthias Beyer, R&D Prinect Manager


Share our experience

Mature experts are always happy to share their knowledge and experience. We are active participants in many technology conferences around the world. We have gathered knowledge and experience in many demanding projects where, apart from technical knowledge, mindset also plays a very important role. We are active in the IoT, Cloud, and eMobility space, but also our experts are involved in financial and banking services.

Anthony, 01 Apr 2023
RFID in IoT world

What do you think about your private Internet of Things in the Public Cloud using RFID? Just check how easily you can use RFID and...

Marc, Apr 01, 2023
OCPP v2 in eMobility

E-mobility is growing so fast that we can say, it is becoming the new mobility standard worldwide. This is possible only with an extensive infrastructure,...

Michael, Feb 15, 2023
DevOps automation

DevOps to NoOps "Digital Transformation is not just about technology, 80% is culture" a CTO Perspective ...

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Proven IT technology partner
Ninja Software House that never gives up.

We solve business problems and help companies to develop their business. Our staff is goal-oriented, well-motivated, talented, experienced, and excited to take on new challenges. Our teams are cross-functional, self-organized, and self-sufficient agile units comprised of all required professions like solution architect, UI/UX, DevOps, frontend and backend developers, cloud experts, QA experts, etc.

We are always ready to take on new challenges, regardless of their complexity and deadline. Just check us out to see how efficiently we operate.

We take ownership of the development and we deliver.

Our advantages

In each project, we provide many added values for which we take responsibility.


Quality ensured by Quality Gate, multi-level automatic tests, and static code analysis. No bugs mean more time for development, customer satisfaction, developing trust in your company, and much more.


Security is the basis for building trust. Our certified team ensures the security of the entire solution on multiple levels, and our ethical hackers try to break it down, just to achieve the highest level of security.

Time to Market

Achieving business goals on time is the key to building a competitive advantage in the market. We implement PoC and MVP phases in a few weeks, so you can quickly verify your concept on the market.


Automation saves time. Thanks to this, you do not need to engage additional resources to support the implementation. We automate everything, from software development to infrastructure creation, installation, and ending with testing.


We always provide state-of-the-art solutions, even for modernizing outdated systems. You will always get the latest standards, technologies, tools, and trends with us and zero technical debt.


The efficiency allows for failure-free operation, especially in the case of large amounts of data. Our solutions are scalable and contain high-performance streaming, processing, and access to data. We confirm the performance with stress tests.

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The best way to start solving a problem is to consult the problem and exchange experiences. We are ready to help you. Do not hesitate - the problem will not solve itself.

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