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We develop challenging applications.
With emphasion on Quality & Reability

MVP in 4 weeks. Cut the development cost

iOS and Android apps made in React Native

Product design, UX, gorgeous polished UI

REST API in Node.js, SpringBoot, MongoDB

About qrsolve team

People who make qrsolve have operated on the market for many years, carrying out even the most complex IT projects. In 2015 they created qrsolve. Its attention is focused mainly on creating a range of applications based on our own IT platforms. We have developed and implement dedicated IT solutions resulting from the vision and needs of our clients.

While working on qrsolve brand we are guided by our passion supported by professional experience and conviction that the future constitute only products characterized by the highest quality.

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Amazing Features

Technology Solutions for the evolving business at half the cost and in one-third the time.

User Friendly

Today, technology allows making a super powerful platform that will fully meet the expectation of the users.

Fast and responsive solutions

Reactive programming and newest technologies are helping us with implementing High-Performance Responsive Designs.

Quick Win

First we reach the business goal and finish the MVP.

Height performance

We rely on extensive experience and our own platforms. We have ready-to-use systems.

Unlimited Posibility

We create a software that is simple for the user and open to further development.

Very Fast Support

We are available in every time zone and we adapt to the customer's needs.



Working with multiple clients allows us to identify and repeat the best-performing development strategies across industries and products.

Enterprise sector


  • Spring Boot
  • Relational DB
  • Diagnostic
  • Angular.js
Mobile & startups


  • Node.js
  • NoSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Event sourcing
  • React.js


  • Private & public
  • Kubernetes
  • OpensShift
  • Mesos dc/os
  • Nomad

How we work?

We analyze

We conduct an analysis of your needs to offer you the best and most optimal solution.

We design

Before creating the system we always create a design of the solution and, on request, prepare a prototype.

We implement

We carry out installation and migration of data for the indicated environment and we secure the system.

We maintain

On our systems we provide a warranty and we offer full service. At that time, we support all customer comments.

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