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We provide well motivated, cross-functional, self-sufficient and self-organizing teams of developers with Agile mindset. Together, we create modern solutions that support your business development.

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You don’t need to hire, train, nurture and orchestrate productive developers anymore.

You bring the vision. We bring the people who are talented, experienced and excited to begin. Our teams are cross-functional, self-organizing and self-sufficient agile units that consist of all required professions like solution architect, UI/UX, DevOps, frontend and backend developers, cloud experts, QA experts, etc.

That means, you can work with a development team you can trust at every stage.

We don’t build just to build. From who we hire to how we work, we treat every client project like the product that it is.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. A lack of strategic management can add years to your timeline and destroy your budget. No upfront commitment. Assembling a team that works together effectively takes time that you don’t have. We treat pending sprint like the last one so that at the end everything works perfectly and is ready for production.


  • AWS
  • Terraform

  • Kubernetes


  • Angular
  • React.js

  • Vue.js


  • Java
  • Node.js

  • Python


  • NoOps
  • IaC

  • CI/CD


  • Figma
  • Adobe XD

  • InVision


  • Microservice
  • API

  • Serverless


Project implementation in line with business expectations, fast time-to-market and high quality.

User Experience

Perfect user experience - users have no time to learn apps. Apps must be intuitive.


High efficiency of processing large amounts of data makes the application responsive.

Responsive solutions

Reactive programming and the newest technologies help to implement High-Performance responsive designs.

Unlimited Possibilities

We create software that is simple for the end user and open for the next development.

Quick Win

Achieve your business goal and release the MVP. Business always comes first.


We always meet non-functional requirements like security compliant with OWASP recommendations.

Our experts
love IoT

The Internet of Things gives you a very wide range of access to things on the Internet. It is in favor of devices and software that allows you to collect data about things on the internet and set them up. In our solutions we use RFID technology, as well as readers (eg UHF) from the team and Raspber PI modules. This allows you to create advanced solutions for very any type of business.

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We love cloud-based projects

How we work


Our experts like to share our knowledge and experiences. We have been active participants of technology conferences around the world for many years. We gain knowledge and experience in demanding projects where, apart from technical knowledge, mindset also plays a very important role. We are active in the areas of IoT, Cloud and eMobility, but also our experts come from the financial and banking sectors. Please, find our latest publications.

eMobility is our passion

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Real Agile brings real benefits to everyone involved in software development, from business to development teams.

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Agile mindset is about adding value from the outset and working collaboratively with others by sharing the same common goal and ...



Our team is very experienced in creating demanding software. For many years, we have learned how to work to ensure the highest possible efficiency and quality of solutions. Our knowledge in this area is divided into technical knowledge that allows us to choose the best technologies and tools for a given business problem, and mental knowledge that allows us to work in agile methodologies. In every project, we use our experience and gain new ones.


We understand your business needs to propose the best and the most suitable solutions.


We provide business increment after every sprint. All features are available on dedicated environment which are available for you 24/7.


Before starting the development, we create a design of the solution including architecture, components, UI/UX designs, etc.


We never leave our customers alone. We offer maintenance for every product we make. At any time, we support all customer feedback and implement change requests.

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Cloud, IoT, eMobility

Backend & Frontend Cloud & DevOps Development Fast MVP Your IT Cross-functional teams Mobile Consulting Experts Business concepts Experienced staff Your product Full transparency Modern tools Well documented Live increments Your idea Architecture design Team hiring Trainings Process modelling

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